Dearest Lesley,

This is my testimonial for Cairnfield House. I have resided here for the last 5 years in those five years I have settled really well and to me this is my home, nothing is too much for the staff they are only too willing to help me and the other residents here.

There is always something to keep us busy from sit fit to quizzes and advocate reading in the morning to arts and crafts and bowls in the afternoon, van rides and entertainment and I also have a fat house cat to kep me occupied.

I have made some wonderful friends and my family are happy to see me so settled.


Mrs Syliva Girvin

Resident of Cairnfield Resthome and Hospital

From day one the staff of Cairnfield have been wonderful and are always helpful.  We must also say the same for the cooks, cleaners and laundry.  A huge weight came off our shoulders when we arrived here and it has continued. We have joined in some of the activities since our arrival including rock painting, growing potatoes in buckets, and making relish and pikelets with jam and cream for all the residents. So much to talk about to you all but this will do for now.

Dear Staff and Management,

Both Pamela and I would like to thank you all for your wonderful care with respect to William since he arrived in October 2015.

Your Facility and Staff are truly exceptional. Your staff in total are exceptional in every regard. You are so kind, professional and most helpful. From our observation the care you give to all patients is simply amazing. You are to be Congratulated.

Bill is a different man since entering Cairnfield. We cannot thank you all enough.

Kind regards