I started working at Cairnfield House as a Caregiver in 2015, I was then given the opportunity to move into an Activities role where I undertook study to become a Diversional Therapist.

In 2018 I left Cairnfield to work for Alzheimer’s Northland to gain a wider knowledge. Come 2020, I was lured back to Cairnfield House as a Registered Diversional Therapist. Diversional Therapy is to enhance the general wellbeing of people through cognitive and physical activities.

This is a busy role with up to 87 residents and with two people on the Activities team who only work 2 days together. I consider my role a ‘lifestyle’ position not just a job. I’m always looking for opportunities when out in the community.

The role is varied, exciting and there is always something to smile about every day. It’s an honour to be able to be part of our residents’ lives. I’m always learning something from them and cherish the conversations they share.

I also appreciate all our volunteers who take time out of their day and it’s always with good humour.
We welcome visitors to join in the fun!