Hello everyone. My name is Anju and I am from Nepal.


I originally came to Whangarei to study Environmental Science and while studying I joined Cairnfield in 2020 working part time as a caregiver. When I finished my degree, I increased my hours to full time caregiving and then became a Team Leader.

I studied again and completed Level 3 in Health and Wellbeing where I learned how we can bring change in people’s lives by doing small things. After working as a Team leader for some years, CH house offered me the role of Activities Co -Ordinator which I enjoy working alongside our Diversional Therapist, Mandy Houston. I find the Activities role quite fun and challenging at the same time, especially when English is not my first language.

During my time working here I have enjoyed getting to know many residents and staff with different cultural backgrounds. Our residents, volunteers and staff are so lovely and very supportive which makes my job easier. I have gained knowledge on Māori culture working here. It’s always good to know about people coming from different ethnicity and traditions which is totally different than yours and meeting up together. I can share my story and they can tell theirs.


I feel glad that I am a part of CH family. This place has taught me so much about New Zealand as I was very young when I joined them. I am planning to pursue my study to become Registered DT in New Zealand.